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If you're having home improvement done to your home you may not be aware that builders working on your home are not covered under your home owners policy. But you can rest assured with Father & Son, because we carry our own insurance policy on each one of our highly skilled craftsmen. In addition each tradesperson working on your home also carries their own Workman's Compensation & Liability Insurance... So, you never need to worry about any unfortunate mishap or accident.

Here's proof... that will give you peace of mind.



Better Business Bureau vs. Angie’s List

The Better Business Bureau was developed as a non-profit organization to promote consumers and businesses working together for a better tomorrow. If a business meets BBB standards, they can join to promote goodwill and fair business practices. These companies pay to belong and must continue to meet membership standards. Though the BBB cannot "police" a company, they can offer reports on businesses as well as offer dispute resolution and mediation if both sides agree.

Consumers pay no fees to obtain a BBB reliability report, or to file a complaint. Angie's List, however, requires consumers to pay a fee in order to see what others wrote about a company. The paying member then can rate any company from A to F.

The BBB contacts a business once a complaint is received, to try to resolve the dispute. Angie's List does no follow up with the company, once it receives a complaint. Consumers with complaints simply post them on Angie's List site, and no further action is taken.

The BBB reports the number of complaints filed against a business, the nature of those complaints and the resolution. Firms that failed to respond to complaints receive an unsatisfactory rating (and will have BBB membership revoked, if they were a member). Angie's List makes no attempt to resolve the dispute; it only allows the consumer to "submit a report". Angie's List has no procedure for verifying if a report is accurate or factual. They do not even verify that the customer even transacted business with the company in question.

Angie's List does not verify the background of any business posted on its site. It does not verify licensing, or determine the company’s' exact nature of business.

Angie's List gives the impression that it is a great source for information, but its lack of verification and follow up regarding customer complaints contradicts its basic purpose. In fact, Angie’s list “promotes” certain businesses that agree to pay them an “enhanced listing” fee where these companies are then highlighted and put to the front, giving the false impression that they may be a more desirable company to work with. That is NOT the case.

The bottom line - Angie's List is a forum for customers to give their own personal comments about a business. It does not attempt to help the customer resolve an issue, or give factual, impartial advice on a particular business or industry.

This is the response you get from Angie's List when they don't like your response to a post from a Paying Angie's list member....I even stated that I would fix this supposed 20 year old complaint at NO charge to the homeowner if they could show me a Contract or any other proof that they did business with our Company. It has been about a year that this FALSE complaint was posted to our report and no documentation has ever been produced. Also, I drove to the City of Pleasant Ridge's Building Department on May 19, 2008 where they had records of work done to this residence going back to the 1960's and nothing had been done by father & Son Construction. this is further proof that you should NOT waste your hard earned money to read false reports posted on Angie's List.

Hi Mat,

Thanks for your call today. I was able to check about your response with our Help Desk. Since the report has been reconfirmed by the member, your response cannot state that you have no records of doing work for the member. This is why your response was removed. While you are welcome to submit another response, just keep this in mind when you post your response as it will not be posted if it contains any statements saying that you do not have records of the member who made the report.

Your response is your opportunity to provide your side of the story to our members. Try to keep in mind that when a member reads that negative report, no matter how negative it is, it might be taken even more negatively if your response comes off as angry, etc.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to respond to this email or give us a call at the number listed below. Thanks so much again for your call today and have a great day.

Angie's List Company
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